Avoidable Small Home Decorating Mistake

Home is the place where our family spends time together, relaxing, talking, and more. Therefore, you need to decorate this sharing space as perfect as possible in order to have the most comfort. Especially, if your house is quite small, you should try to make your house look spacious.

However, I know that not everyone’s skills the same, but do not worry since I am going to help you. In particular, this article is going to give you some tips in terms of avoidable small home decorating mistakes. After going through my sharing, I am sure that you can organize your small home more effectively without any difficulties.

Avoidable Small Home Decorating Mistake

Are you interested in making your small house look bigger?

Or are you confused about what you should do to create more space for your house?

Avoidable Small Home Decorating Mistake

Well, a number of people are struggling with decorating their small house, and they do not know how to overcome this problem. As a result, I am going to identify some common decorating mistakes that make your home look smaller. And of course, if you are having them right now, you should try to fix them as soon as possible.

The distance between the wall and the furniture

First and foremost, most people are trying to extend the space of their house by pushing the furniture against the wall. But you should keep in mind that this way will make a void in the middle of your room.

And that is why your room will be even smaller and smaller. As a consequence, remember to keep a-few-inch distance between the wall and your furniture. Moreover, you can organize the furniture in the clever and strategic groups.

The dark wallpapers

The dark wallpapers

The second tip is to avoid using the wallpapers with dark colors. The reason for this is that these kinds of colors tend to absorb a great amount of light in your room. And well, this will make your room look smaller. Therefore, you should be wise in combining the colors of the wallpapers in your room to make more space. See: 5 Design Ideas That Are perfect for a Bachelor’s Bedroom

The lack of light

The lack of light
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Going to the next issue, you need to pay attention to the light inside your room. If there is only one little lamp in your room, you may feel that your room is very small since it is very dim. For instance, many families are used to using only one overhead lamp.

With this single source of light, some dark corners cannot be reached, and your room space cannot become open. On the other hand, your room will become much larger when having various lamps in different positions.

In addition, you can take advantage of the mirrors to reflect the natural light in your room. In particular, you can arrange some mirrors around each room in your house. Having a variety of mirrors will make your house feel more open and bigger.

This is a small and simple tip that not many people know until now. But it is very effective based on my own experience. You will be surprised after following my method.

The same-toned colors

Moving to another one, many people are interested in matching colors for their house. Hence, they try to make every corner of the house match in colors including the patterns, the ornaments, as well as the fabrics. However, this method is totally wrong.

If you are doing this way, you are making your house into a boring color. I highly advise that you should mix the colors and the patterns in a creative way. By doing this, your house will look more interesting and bigger for sure.

The space with full of ornaments and furniture

The space with full of ornaments and furniture
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Last but not least, you should consider limiting the number of knick-knacks together with furniture in each room. I used to cope with this matter a long time ago, and well, my room becomes messy instead of being pretty.

This way of decorating will limit most of your open space in every room. Thus, you should arrange your favorite items on the shelves and try to change these displays frequently. Besides, you can move the furniture into the suitable positions to create a cozy atmosphere.


In conclusion, I hope that all of my sharing regarding the avoidable small home decorating mistakes will help you to gain more understanding of this topic. By now, you should try not to make these mistakes that can decrease the beauty of your house. However, in case you have any confusion or queries, please do not hesitate to keep in touch with me anytime.

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