How is Da Nang tourism attractive on Tet holiday?

On many occasions, people often travel many places, as well as on Lunar New Year. Instead of staying at home in 10 days, lots of people choose to have trips on weekend days of this holiday to discover more new things in other places. Coming to Da Nang on Lunar New Year is a option of many people, they often book tour at web to have a clear schedule with the most reasonable prices. Coming to Da Nang in beginning of the year is an interesting choice, Da Nang City (1) on these days is not only nice, it also has many activities for new year organised  especially.

Welcome To Da Nang

Average temperature of Da Nang on Lunar New Year is 19-28 degree and the weather is usually so nice and less raining so tourists can take part in many activities such as take a walk, swimming on beaches,… On this occasion, many tourist associations come here and visit so this place seem to be more eventful. Especially, eating and drink of services are not expensive so tourists can totally set their mind about this problem.

Prices of hotel rooms in Da Nang are not high, even they often decrease so tourists can rend rooms with the most reasonable prices.

Which are the interesting things and nice scenes in Da Nang on Tet holiday?

Ba Na Hills is surely the most attractive place of Da Nang on Tet holiday.  Ba Na Hills on beginning of the year has fresh atmosphere, scenery as paradise and many interesting games. Coming to Ba Na  on Tet holiday, tourists may wait for  a long time to buy cable car tickets but instead of that, tourists can contemplate wonderful scenery of mountains and forests from top of Ba Na. Because of  Da Nang weather on this occasion is not very cold so tourists can join in some activities such as: bathing on beaches and of course when coming to beach city, anyone will go to the beaches. Beaches of Da Nang are very beautiful and clean, some of Da Nang beaches were exploited as My Khe, T20, Sao Bien, Non Nuoc, Nam O.

Son Tra Peninsula is surely a destination for tourists to visit on Tet occasion. On beginning of the year, Vietnameses often have habits of going to the temple and pray for a new year, in Son Tra peninsula, there is a sacred pagoda-Linh Ung Pagoda. This pagoda is famous for a Bodhisattva statue with height 67m.

Ngu Hanh Son is also a destination where you should not miss when coming to Da Nang. Ngu Hanh Son has 5 rock mountains with winding caves and special scenery. Visiting Ngu Hanh Son only takes some hours so tourists can go to nearby places such as Non Nuoc Art Village and My Khe beaches.

Asia Park is a an amusement park where attract many tourists. Asia Park stand out among city with Sun Wheel (a biggest sun wheel in top 10 of Asia) and designed like a castle. In Asia Park, there are many interesting games for both children and  adults and eating and drinking area so they are suitable for everyone when coming here.

About 40km from Da Nang, Hoi An is a place where tourists should visit on Tet holiday. Tourists should come here in the afternoon to contemplate beauty of ancient town in sparkling lights.

Top 10 famous dishes of Hoi An

Travelling Da Nang on New Year’s Day is also a memorable experience for tourists. If you have plans of coming to Da Nnag on Tet holiday, you can book tour da nang tour package to have a convenient trip.

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