Leesa vs Zinus vs Sleep Innovations vs Brentwood vs Eco Terra

Many people wonder whether to use a spring mattress or a rubber mattress to sleep? Mattress1000 said: “A good sleep is important for everyone that not to be missed”. Because if you have a nice sleep at night it will help you have a full day of energy to work. Various statistics show that sleeping with a high quality mattress offers more benefits than other mattresses. So choose a quality product to have a good sleep at night. Here are some of the best quality products that we want to introduce to help you choose the best product.

Top 5 Best Mattress 2018: Leesa vs Zinus vs Sleep Innovations vs Brentwood vs Eco Terra

First we will introduce to you the quality mattress products are now widely used by many people.

Top 5 Best Mattress 2018 Leesa vs Zinus vs Sleep Innovations vs Brentwood vs Eco Terra

Signature Sleep

This product has price: $197.00

All of this mattress features:

  • The mattress is composed of 3 layers to create comfortable comfort for the user. Especially the Memory Foam layer 3.5 inches thick at the top makes enough sense of elasticity. Followed by two other layers of mattress to help people up to maximum support.
  • Note that you should wait about 72 hours after receiving the goods then use. At this time the mattress is back to normal shape and disappears of strange odors.
  • Products made from materials are recognized as safe for the user and the environment.
  • The product is made from high quality foam material so it can be easily rolled and compressed to ship to the customer’s address. You can use the product a few hours later.
  • The mattress is a eco-friendly product that helps reduce the weight of the human body when lying up. The elasticity of the mattress has always created a comfortable feeling.
  • For purchase of the Memory Foam mattress you will be given a cover made of high quality fabric with easy-to-remove design for cleaning.

Sleep Innovation

This mattress has its previous price: $449.00

The latest price: $327.49

With this price you will save: $121.51 (27%)

All about information of this mattress’ features:

  • Mattress made from foam membrane should be very good in antibacterial, anti-dirt most naturally.
  • This product has measures are: 60-inch X 80-inch X 12-inch.
  • The product is uniquely designed when there are effective fire barriers.
  • This is a product manufactured in the United States with standard procedures and environmentally friendly.
  • Because the special construction is made of foam, the mattress can be compressed and rolled for transport. You should wait a few hours after getting the mattress and use it.
  • Advantages of mattress made from memory foam is the ability to resist dust, anti-bacterial and moisture-proof mold.
  • The mattress’ measures are: 60-inch X 80-inch X 12-inch.
  • Products are designed to bring the most comfort to the user. With its proper elasticity, your body weight will be minimally supported. Especially the mattress helps disperse the heat so you will not feel hot. The product has an internal fire barrier.
  • Products are manufactured in the US with a standard and environmentally friendly manufacturing process.
  • Made of foam so you can roll the mattress easily for movement. Please waitting for 48 hours after receiving the mattress and use it.

Brentwood Home

This product has price: $629.00

All about tts features:

  • The mattress is constructed with a 3.5 inch thick foam layer to create a soft feel when sitting down. Thanks to that softness, it gives you a good sleep with all sorts of posture. Especially your sleep will not be interrupted when there is impact from other people on the mattress.
  • The product is designed with a zipper cover so easily removable when you want to clean. Next to it is the mattress is constructed to help air conditioning and odor effectively.
  • Certified products made from high-grade foam do not contain any harmful substances to the health of users and their surroundings.
  • The mattress has Queen size 60″ x 80″ x 13″ with the best comfort for the lay. So you can sleep in many different positions.
  • Mattresses are manufactured in the United States with standard procedures with a warranty period of up to 25 years. Mattresses are made of special materials, so you can roll them up for easy movement.

Leesa Mattress

This product has previous price: $940.00

The best price for you: $840.00

With this price you will save: $100.00 (11%)

All about this product’s features:

  • LUXURY: Mattresses are designed with luxurious appearance with elegant colors to match the aesthetics of many people.
  • COOLING COMFORT: The product is made up of three layers of foam that make it suitable for sleep. Your sleep will not be interrupted by the effects on the mattress.
  • MADE IN USA: The product is manufactured in the US and is in the top-selling list in the US.
  • GUARANTEED: You will have 100 days of trial with this quality product, during use if you do not like to be able to refund.
  • GIVING BACK: You will have 100 days of trial with this quality product, during use if you do not like to be able to refund.

Eco Terra Mattress

This mattress has previous price was: $999.00

The latest price: $708.59

With this price you will save: $290.41 (29%)

The mattress’ features:

  • Products are made by natural substances do not contain additives should be very safe for users.
  • Mattresses are designed with medium weight suitable for various types of bed.
  • The mattress is made from the latest foam material that gives it a soft feel. The mattress will not be too hard or too soft to help you sleep well without interruption.
  • The mattress is covered with an organic cotton fabric that creates a soft, smooth feel when lying down.
  • With special material should create appropriate elasticity. So you will not be affected when others affect the mattress.

The posture helps you sleep well

It can be said that about one third of human life spending for sleep. Hence, sleeping postures greatly affect human health. Having a proper sleeping posture will help you to have a good physical and mental health.

The posture helps you sleep well

Lie on the right side

According to experts, sleeping on the side, especially leaning to the right will be very good for health. The rest position can increase blood pressure, increase your heart rate.

People with heart disease should not sleep to the left or to the stomach, as this posture can put pressure on the heart, the cardiac output or the function of the heart nerves. For people with gallstone should not lie to the left.

Supine position

Of the three basic sleep positions, supine position is most associated with sleep apnea.

Advantages of lying on your back: When lying on your back, the area of contact between the body and bed is the largest, so not easily fatigue, moreover it is beneficial for blood circulation of the brain and body. Whatever position you choose should be the most appropriate position, so that you feel comfortable is. Do not forget to choose the appropriate pillow to help you sleep deeper.

The information above helps you choose the mattress that best suits you to get the sleep is delicious. Find out and choose the right product for your financial situation.

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