How to choose a best mattress for heavy people

Choosing a mattress is a big decision. That is because this item will determine your comfort at night and a good night’s sleep. When it comes down to choosing a best mattress for a certain type of sleeper, there are several specific factors to consider. These definitely vary from this sleeper to that type of sleeper. Here are tips on how to choose a best mattress for heavy sleepers as SideSleeperreviews

Firmness Feel

Having to sleep on a too soft mattress can lead to a “trapped in the mattress” feel. This also causes a restless during the night in many cases. To avoid this unnecessary sinkage and hug feel, you need to find out your right firmness.

Our of firmness scales range from one to ten. Each type of sleepers fits the certain firmness levels. Light weight sleepers and side sleepers will feel supportive with the universal comfort, which comes around 3 – 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The average people and back sleepers will feel comfortable at 6 – 7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scales. And, the stomach and heavy sleepers would need the firmer feels. Very heavy sleepers may prefer the mattresses that are very near the top of the firmness scale. If a person weighs over 250 pounds, your level of firmness should be at 8 – 9 out of 10.

best mattress for heavy people

Mattress Thickness

Mattresses obviously come in different thickness levels. The average thickness level can be about 10 inches, while, the thicker models can measure 12 – 16 inches in thickness. This just means an aesthetic look to consider for some purchasers, but it turns out to be an important factor for choosing the mattress for heavy sleeper.

That is because the mattress thickness are associated with the sort of deep compression. The thicker mattress is, the greater deep compression is. That’s why the heavier sleeper is, the thicker mattress should be. As general recommendation, if you weigh around 150 pounds, a 10-inch mattress can be a perfect choice, but if you weigh more 200 pounds, a best mattress should be at least 12 inches in thickness.

Edge Support

Edge support is the factor to determine the sagging and collapsing over time, and we need to consider this to help our mattress last longer. This becomes more important if you are a person who uses the edges of the mattress not only for sleeping, but also for sitting doing something during the daytime. In addition, edge support for heavy people should be stronger than those for normal people’s uses because heavy sleepers will put more pressure on their mattress.

Based on the materials used for making the mattress, the edge support can be also different. As the most highly rated as strong edge support, the best options are included springs, coil-on-coil, or hybrid mattresses. And, memory foam mattresses are not as good as the rest.

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Heat Retention

In general, overweight people tend to generate heat during their sleeping, resulting in discomfort and restless experience during the night. In addition, this can combine with warm feel coming from the specific mattresses like memory foam mattresses. In this sense, you may need to look for a mattress that sleeps cool, so what should you do?

If you are a type of hot sleeper, a memory foam mattress will put you on a risk of warm feeling thorough the night. The best solutions to go is choosing foams like latex, Avena, and any foams that use gel-infused technology. These offer you an optimal cooing feel for sleepers. Additionally, Innerspring and hybrid mattresses will show less tendency to absorb heat than memory foam mattresses. That’s because the unique design of these allow air to flow easily thorough the mattress.

How to choose a best mattress for heavy people


Though each purchaser may have slightly different in choosing the best mattress for sleepers. The things to consider may be listed longer than mentioned factors above. However, I personally think that, no purchaser would skip these. In case, you need more information and recommendations when choosing a best mattress for heavy people, just click here.

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