Discreetly Destructive: 5 Clothing Pieces That Are Secretly Harming You

When you prepare to put on clothes in the morning, you may want to deal with your post-workout plans and how you badly need a laundry. But you do not think that much of your health, don’t you? Even though common sense and proper hygiene can, in most cases, keep you safe, these risks might be hiding in your closet.

Most of us are huge fans of the latest fashion trends and styles, but you need to address that there are times when these garments are uncomfortable to both the eyes and the body. The type of clothes that you have in your wardrobe can be alarming to your health more than your wallets.

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Not all clothes come out the same when it comes to its effect on your health. Various clothing items might make you feel sexy and stylish; however, you should focus your interest on the different health risks it can cause. To be able to handle and look best, it is better to jazz up the possible dangers before purchasing some clothing items.5 Clothing Pieces That Are Secretly Harming You

Excessively Tight Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans can cram up your nerves in the legs and groin, and it tends to reduce the blood discharge to the lower limbs. Wearing skinny jeans can cause your muscles to swell, numb, and eventually damage.

When you are wearing a too tight clothing, the fabric tends to scrub against your skin. It interrupts the skin boundary that guards you against harm and disease. Too tight clothes make you sweat even more and welcomes the surroundings for bacterial infections, etc.

If skinny jeans are your favorite go-to pants, then choose those pieces that are stretchable. Avoid crouching with it for an extended period which causes to compress the nerves and can lead to fatal health problems.

Over the top High Heels

According to the latest study at Auburn University, they have observed that women have four times more foot complications than men. These include calluses, joint pains, osteoarthritis, ankle sprains, and nerve damage.

If you are experiencing any of these pains, then you can blame that super high heels that you have. The narrower and steeper the heel is, the worse it will become. Try to restrain yourself from wearing heels and opt for those comfy shoes.Over the top High Heels

By wearing heels you can have these additional risks of falling, dislocating your ankles, and tripping, and often these lapses can have extreme results. Keep in mind that it is necessary to do yourself a big favor by choosing for flats at whatever time possible.

Constantly Wearing Thongs

If you prefer wearing thongs, you should realize that this type of underwear can cause severe in-depth health problems such as hemorrhoids, skin irritation in the genital area, vaginal infections, and irritations. If you do want to wear thongs all the time, then opt for 100% cotton material.

These underwears are a favorite choice for women nowadays, not just because of its sexy nature, but because of the factor of eliminating the horror of underwear lines due to wearing full coverage underwear.

You have to know the health risks linking with wearing thong undies. For example, if you are prone to some infections like Urinary Tract Infections or UTI, wearing thongs makes the healing process longer. Also, depending what activity you do, thongs tend to move down and transmit germs to your vagina. So if you are finding for undies that works for you, full coverage underwear is the best.

Clothes that Contain Irritants

Do you experience having rashes after wearing a specific piece of clothing? The garments that you wear every day come into contact with various kinds of fabrics, fibers, and materials. For instance, some parts hold flame retardants, latex, dyes, formaldehyde which can cause different allergic feedbacks.

To be able to avoid these possible rashes, skin irritations, or worse, it is essential to look for clothing that helps you support your healthy lifestyle.

Choose clothing that is made up of linen, cashmere, silk, loose fitting, and cotton.  There are various of online stores like French Connection that offers high-quality clothes to protect you and keep you from harm.Super Flat Flip-flops

Super Flat Flip-flops

Flip-flops jeopardize your feet to all the harmful things on the ground such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi that can lead to an infection if you have a small wound. Your situation is much worse when you have an unhealthy immune system.

Aside from that, flip-flops can lead to disfiguring your toes, heel pain, and most importantly affect your stance which triggers pain and a bunch of aches such as the ankles. So reserve your sandals for the pool deck and gym shower, and depend on more firm and durable footwear for any activity you will do that can take you anywhere.

Flip-flops are not as free from harm as you think. They put your feet in danger which can cause some scratch on your feet that can easily contaminate. Furthermore, because they are flat, it makes your heels bump the ground and result to back pains and discomfort.


We are aware of mishandled beauty products and how these can do you more damage than good, but did you know that your garments can be hazardous too? Know the different health risks about the clothes in your closet.

Some of the clothing that can be harmful to your health are skinny jeans, high heels, thongs, clothes that have irritants, and flip-flops. It’s advisable that you don’t frequently wear such items on a daily basis.

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