8 Ways to Save Money on Your Water Bill – Avoid Drowning in Your Utility Cost

Wanting to save water may seem at a trend, but it is not exactly a new thing. People in the early 1950s started to take a step to conserve water and money in their utility bills by installing modern shower heads which provide a refreshing shower by only using a small amount of water.

Still, as the years advance, the need to reduce water usage has been so pressing because of many reasons. For instance, the various environmental concerns are staring at our faces. According to CircleofBlue.org, a website established by scientists and journalists with the purpose of raising awareness to the world’s dwindling resources, by 2030 our supplies will be scarce enough to threaten political stability, economic development, and public health.

8 Ways to Save Money on Your Water Bill

So, if you want to cut corners on your water utility bill and also eager to preserve the environment, here are the ways that you can take to cut down your water usage.

8 Ways to Save Money on Your Water Bill


Wrap Your Water Heater

If you have a costly water utility bill, take a look at your non-efficient water heater.  Water heaters without an insulating blanket can eat up a significant part of your monthly water utility bill. Hence, it is essential that you consider wrapping them with a water heater blanket.

Water heater blanket is affordable, and it can let you save from 7 to 16  percent of your water heating costs. So look now for a water heater blanket or change your water heater with a solar-powered one so that you can save money and preserve the environment.

Turn Off the Tap

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises that a standard bathroom faucet uses about two gallons per minute. It means that letting your faucet run for a few minutes while you take a bath or brushing your teeth can make a big dent in the cost of your water utility bill.

Turn Off the Tap

So take simple steps such as turning off the tap when you are not using the water for a practical purpose.

Take Short Showers

A bathtub can contain about 36 gallons of water, while an average showerhead can use around 2.5 gallons of water per minute. It means that the longer you keep open your shower while washing yourself, the more money it will cost.

So, by cutting your daily shower time from the usual, you will be able to save money and also help conserve water to preserve the environment.

Re-Think Hand Dishwashing

Washing your dishes by your hands multiple times in a day can do more harm than good when it comes to conserving water and saving money. It is because washing your greasy food plates by hand take more use of water than using efficient dishwashers.

There are energy-efficient, water-saving dishwashers that you can take advantage of for you to save money on your water utility bill straight into your pocket.

Install a Rainwater Tank

Apart from the uncertain climate and tighter restrictions on access to water in times of drought, you should also be aware of the rising cost of water. Perhaps it’s high time that you consider installing water tanks in your home. Installing water tanks, no matter what size is one step for us to conserve water and preserve the environment.

An average home can make a storage of 100,000 liters of water each year which is an excellent way to save water at home. Also, a tank that can hold 9,000 liters of water can provide water to your laundry and flush toilets.

You can look for water tanks at GStore Water Tanks for you to start cutting the cost of your monthly water utility bill.

Upgrade Your Toilet

For you to save on your water usage, you can replace your old toilet with a new one, which uses only a small amount of water per flush. According to Save Our Water, upgrading your toilet can save you between 38 to 45 gallons of water per day. If you calculate it, it means 1,140 to 1,350 gallons per month for a total cost of around $ 250.Upgrade Your Toilet

Do Not Use Water When You Defrost

Instead of letting the water run over your food to thaw it, you can use a microwave or put it in the refrigerator to defrost it overnight. Also, avoid using hot tap water when defrosting because it can promote the growth of bacteria that can be harmful to your health, according to US Department of Agriculture.

Only Wash Full-Load Laundry

One of the ways to conserve water is to wait to do your laundry until you have enough to fill the washing machine.

Washing full load is so important if you are using a front-loading washing machine, which uses the same amount of water no matter how full it is, unlike when you’re using a top-loading washer in which you can conserve water by selecting lower water level for small-load laundry.


With the growing environmental concerns and dwindling natural resources, it is essential that we take steps in preserving the environment. One of these steps is to save water. Aside from the fact that it helps preserve the environment, saving water also cuts the cost of our water utility bill. So follow the ways above for you to save water and save Mother Earth.

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