A Few Things to Know About the Different Types of Aquarium Water Filter

On the market today there are many types of aquarium water filters ( 1 ) that you can use for your Arowanas, aquariums or mini aquariums. Each filter has a design that is specific to the needs of each farmer. This article will introduce the type of aquarium filter is being used today.

Aquarium Water Filter

What is aquarium water filter?

Aquarium water filters also have many other names such as aquarium filter, aquarium water filter, water filter pump, aquarium water filter, fish tank filter, aquarium water filter or equipment. Water treatment for aquariums. This is a device that purifies water in the aquarium or aquarium thanks to the filter layers that are equipped with the filter. Water has to be clean from wastes, toxins and suspended gases which will make the aquarium clean and oxygen-rich.  This process will help the organisms in the tank in healthy condition.

Typically, a filter has three layers of filtration: mechanical filtration, chemical filtration, and biofiltration.

  1. Mechanical filtration (coarse filtration) is where the process of picking up dead particles and suspended particles from water comes through the filter media such as filter cotton.
  2. Chemical filtration (chemical filtration) is where the process of treating toxic chemicals in water comes from filter materials such as filtered ceramics, activated carbon (carbon), coral. The main purpose is to absorb the excess nutrients or chemicals from the tank.
  3. Biofiltration (microbial filtration) is where the breakdown of different bacteria occurs. Called a nitrogen cycle where waste, food waste, and fungi are broken down to produce ammonia. Ammonia is a poison that has a negative effect on aquarium creatures. If there is enough room for beneficial bacteria to grow, nitrogen cycling will continue to work to help reduce nitrate from the aquarium (from NH3 / Ammonia -> NO2 / Nitrite -> NO3 / Nitrate -> N2 / Nitrogen). A good biofilter is a filter that provides enough oxygen and space for the bacteria to grow.

Now that you know the three filter classes that can be used, let’s continue exploring each of the different filter types in the aquarium filter system. These filters can utilize one, two or all three filter layers for their filtration system.

A Few Things to Know About the Different Types of Aquarium Water Filter

Hang On Back Filter

Other names: Hanging Filter / Back Cover Filter / Hang On Back Filter

What is a suspended water filter?

Suspended water filter is the type of filter that cleans aquarium water in the form of a suction-type waterfall, which is most commonly used as it is equipped with standard mechanical, chemical and biological filtration systems. It also has beautiful models, easy to use and installed in the aquarium. The filter is hung directly to the back wall or to the side of the aquarium and drains the tank from the siphon tube.

Operating principle:

Water is sucked from the tank through a siphon tube and put into a filter.

  • Filter # 1: The mechanical filtration occurs when the water passes through a filter pad or filter, and dirt particles in the water are retained there.
  • Second Filter: Chemical filtration continues when water passes through the carbon layer used to remove toxins and chemicals in water.
  • Third Class Filter: Final biological filtration occurs inside the microbiological layer. A large number of beneficial bacteria form in the microbial layers and this is the factor that makes up biological filtration, which eliminates toxic gases in water.

Water comes out into the tank like a small waterfall, so a new filter called the cascade filter.

Most of the new systems are equipped with micro wheels or micro filter. The micro wheels are wheels with a micro filter attached.

Sponge Filter

Other names: Sponge Filter / Sponge Filter / Micro Filter / Air Filter / Sponge Filter / Air Driven Filter

What is sifter filter?

Sucking filter is a simple filter, used to suck dirt suspended in water to help clear water. Simple, lightweight design that can be homemade, placed directly in the aquarium and has a vented gas vent (oxygen dispenser). They are made mainly for use in breeding fish tanks, nursing fry (fry), fish tanks or aquariums for small fish and invertebrates. As a cheap filter, if finances are available, you can use it for all tanks from mini fish tanks, aquariums to large aquariums.

Canister Filter

Other names: External Filter / Canister Filter / External Filter

Canister filters are the traditional hanging filters and dominate on the other aquarium filters available in the market. It can filter a large amount of water in a limited time. It helps you clean the water from all the impurities and harmful matters, which can even cause a death of the aquatic lives. Usage of this filter keeps the water clean for a longer period.

What is a bucket filter?

Bin buckets are a type of filter tank in the tank outside the tank, which helps purify the water and poison in the tank. Tank filters produce good flow for the tank and can remove dust and dirt from the bottom of the tank. This type of filter is the most favorite aquarium player, especially for aquariums of 150 liters or more. Suitable for all purposes from freshwater aquarium fish to marine aquarium fish.

Binoculars provide the optimum mechanical, chemical and biological filtration due to their significantly larger size than the cascade filter. The filtration equipment is also large so it can handle larger volumes of water in a short time.


As you have seen, there are varieties of aquarium filters to choose from, but the selection depends on the individual needs. The decision should be made depending on the species of the fish, the habitat they are used to, and the intensity of filtration needed. Keeping all these in mind reduces the maintenance cost and time with elevated aquatic life.

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