Top 10 famous dishes should not be missed when Hoi An tourism

Hoi An town is small and old, but the cuisine is very rich. Although spending all day visiting the entire old town, visitors can not enjoy all the dishes here.

Top 10 famous dishes should not be missed when Hoi An tourism

Top 10 famous dishes should not be missed when Hoi An tourism

  1. Chicken rice
  2. Cao Lau Hoi An
  3. Dumplings cake and Vạc cake
  4. Đập cake and oyster
  5. Corn sweet gruel
  6. Bèo cake
  7. Quang noodle soup
  8. Wonton
  9. Stuffed rice cake
  10. Hoi An pancake

Here are 10 famous dishes of Hoi An that you can not ignore when visiting this place.

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Chicken rice

Rice to cook this dish must be good, carefully selected, seasoned and cooked with chicken broth and pineapple in a wood stove.

After boiling, the chicken will be shredded and squeezed with onion, herb, salt and pepper. Then put the rice on the plate, seasoned chicken on top, eat along with onion, papaya, garlic, herbs, chili sauce. There is also a cup of chicken stock comes with rice.

Cao Lau Hoi An

Cao Lau is heavily influenced by Chinese cuisine and the slight impact of Japanese Udon cold noodles, as this dish appeared during the opening of the Hoi An harbor, allowing many foreigner come to Hoi An for trading. However, Cao Lau Hoi An is still has its own unique and this dish has become the attractive specialty of Hoi An toward tourists.

Dumplings cake and Vạc cake

Dumplings – Vạc cake are two kinds of cakes with similar ingredients and commonly be put on the same dish. The main ingredient is rice which is white, whole grain, fragrant, and grown on clean land.

Vạc cake is filled with fresh shrimps, a little pepper, garlic, green onions, lemongrass and secret spices. Dumpling is a little bit different, inside cakes are pork, mushrooms, and green onions. All ingredients must be stirred with salt before filling the cake.

Đập cake and oyster

Piece of crispy crumble cake is served with mussel oysters is a very attractive snack which only have in Hoi An.

Corn sweet gruel

Corn sweet gruel is made from corn Cam Nam which is very famous in Hoi An. This dish is special in the natural taste of fresh corn. Unlike the southern, Hoi An sweet gruel is not cooked with coconut milk, so it retains the original taste of corn, only when eating does tourist sprouts a little bit of coconut milk on top to increase the fat.


Bèo cake

Bèo cake is served on the tray. Only before eating does Cook adds a little of oil, chili sauce, and green onion on the dough which is made of rice flour. Eater will have to use a bamboo knife, it is a bamboo stick which peak is shaped into blade. Depending on the taste that tourist can give less fish sauce or add chili.

Quang noodle soup

Quang noodle soup

It is similar to Cao Lau and is often mistaken for Cao Lau, but if you only taste it once, you will notice that these two dishes are completely different. Quang noodle is often eaten with shrimp, meat, quail eggs … all are soaked in spices.

There is will be shortage if this dish missing the crispy pancakes and raw vegetables.


Wonton is a Chinese food but has been around for a while in Hoi An. There are many types of wonton such as wonton soup, noodles, or fried wonton … each type is divided by the ingredient: pork, chickens and shrimp. Chicken and pork is easy to eat, and crispy shrimp is more fragrant and sweet, fried wonton will be a little messy.

Stuffed rice cake

It is similar to the Thanh Tri rice cake in Hanoi, but instead of thin rice paper stuffed with pork and mushroom, the Hoi An rice paper is also add small shrimp. When eating, the cake will be sprinkled with extra fat onions and served with pork-pie

Hoi An pancake

Fried Pork pancakes are special because they combine all the typical foods in the South West. First of all, choose the delicious rice, soak overnight for soft, and smash into powder. Use turmeric flour mixed with rice powder to have attractive colors, then add a little coconut milk and eggs for crispy.

To make pancakes, people have to sit at the fire stove continuously so it is very hot. Therefore in the rainy season, from October to December is the most suitable season for pancakes in Hoi An.

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