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Quang noodle soup

Hoi An town is small and old, but the cuisine is very rich. Although spending all day visiting the entire old town, visitors can not enjoy all the dishes here.

Top 10 famous dishes should not be missed when Hoi An tourism

Top 10 famous dishes should not be missed when Hoi An tourism

  1. Chicken rice
  2. Cao Lau Hoi An
  3. Dumplings cake and Vạc cake
  4. Đập cake and oyster
  5. Corn sweet gruel
  6. Bèo cake
  7. Quang noodle soup
  8. Wonton
  9. Stuffed rice cake
  10. Hoi An pancake

Here are 10 famous dishes of Hoi An that you can not ignore when visiting this place.

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